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Fees and Insurance

Long Island DBT Group is an out-of-network outpatient provider.  We focus on clinical excellence in implementing a DBT adherent program and strive to maintain the highest quality of care for our clients. This includes weekly DBT individual therapy sessions conducted or supervised by intensively trained DBT therapists, DBT skills training groups, phone coaching, and a weekly DBT consultation team meeting.  In a number of controlled studies, this model has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations, and the incidence and severity of suicide and self-harm behaviors.

Current Fees

Longer sessions are available as needed. Fees are prorated based on session length.

* Fees are subject to change


Long Island DBT Group does not accept insurance. We are an “out of network” provider. Payment is rendered at time of each scheduled service. Payment can be made in the form of credit card, check or Flexible Spending Account (Health Spending Account).

We recommend you contact your insurance provider and ask about your out of network coverage.

Here are some tips for dealing with your insurance company. If you have out-of-network benefits, you will pay Long Island DBT Group when treatment is rendered and be given a claim form to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is helpful to call your insurance company in advance of your first visit so that you understand your out-of-network benefits. You will want to ask your insurance company the following questions:

  • Can I go out of network? Are mental health services covered out of network?
  • Is there a separate deductible for mental health treatment? What is my deductible before I will receive reimbursement?
  • How many sessions per year are covered? Do I have a limit on the number of visits per year?
  • What percentage of fees will I be reimbursed? How much reimbursement can I expect for each of the following services: individual session (90834), family sessions/family groups (90847, 90846), and individual adult group (90853)?
  • Are telehealth (virtual) sessions covered and will be reimbursed?
  • Can I have multiple sessions on the same day (i.e. individual session and group therapy on the same day)?
  • To be reimbursed, does my therapist need to have specific credentials (i.e. LCSW, LCSW-R)?

Our therapists are not insurance advocates nor liaisons between you and your insurance provider. Your therapist will not submit forms directly to your insurance company. Your therapist will provide documentation of services (superbill or HICF) with all CPT codes to you. Your insurance company decides the amount of reimbursement you will receive. We are not responsible for the amount not covered by insurance and will not reimburse the amount not covered.

Your insurance company may tell you that there is no need to go out of network because their network includes a number of DBT therapists. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While many therapists attend professional workshops to learn the benefits of DBT, and may indicate that they are knowledgeable about DBT in a survey the insurance company sends to them each year, LI DBT is one of only a few DBT adherent programs in our region. DBT adherent programs are those whose therapists have been intensively trained by Behavioral Tech, LLC, which is headed by DBT creator Dr. Marsha Linehan and who follow the protocol discussed in the box below.

To determine if a therapist is DBT adherent, ask these questions:

  • Was the therapist intensively trained as a DBT therapist by Behavioral Tech, LLC?
  • Does he or she conduct DBT skills training groups?
  • Does he or she work within the framework of a DBT consultation team?
  • Does he or she provide phone coaching?

A DBT adherent therapist will answer “Yes” to all of these questions.