Create a Life Worth Living


Does LIDBT accept Insurance?

LIDBT is an out-of-network provider and does not contract directly with insurance companies. We are happy to provide you with completed claim forms to submit to your insurance company so that you can receive direct reimbursement from your insurance company. Please see the Fees and Insurance section for more complete information.

Can I attend only skills training group sessions? Can I attend only individual therapy?

DBT is a two-pronged approach to changing behaviors and creating the life you imagine. For this to happen, the research indicates that skills training and individual therapy are equally important components of effective treatment.  LIDBT follows this model and requires attendance in both skills training group and individual therapy.

What is the usual skills training group size?

Skills training groups typically have 5 to 10 members.

I feel that I need individual therapy more than once a week. Is that possible?

Typically, individual therapy occurs once a week and skills training group is once a week. However, more intensive treatment can be arranged if needed.

Do you have a psychiatrist on your team?

We work closely with and can recommend several psychiatrists in the community.  You may also continue to see your current psychiatrist.

What is the length of treatment?

Learning all of the DBT skills training modules takes approximately 6-9 months, which is the time commitment we ask of clients entering the program. Most clients opt to stay longer and repeat the modules in order to feel more comfortable with the material.

Can I continue to see my current therapist ?

We ask that you temporarily suspend treatment with your current therapist while learning DBT. Our therapists are DBT trained and structure sessions and phone coaching according to the evidence-based model. You may return to your therapist after completing the program.